A Cool Solution to a Hot Problem

The local pool in my area had to be drained and no one could use it for a while. This really bummed out the kids, because they wanted to play in the water. After looking at the sad expressions on their faces, I came up with a brilliant idea. I went to http://platinumpartybusrentaltoronto.com and rented one of their party buses for the day. I talked to the parents and told them that I could take them to one of the other pools in the party bus, and they agreed to let me do it. When the kids heard about my idea, they jumped for joy and ran to get their swimming gear.

Once we arrived at the pool, the kids got into the water and started swimming. Some of the kids were afraid to go into the deep end of the pool, because they were used to being in the shallow end. When I first started swimming, I was the same way. The deep end looked so scary and I had a fear that I would drown and no one would be able to get to me in time. (more…)

Memories of a Fallen Friend

When my cat died, I was going through a period of depression. Some might find it silly to get so sad over a pet that can be easily replaced by a trip down to the local animal shelter, but I loved that cat like it was my own child. I fed it and cared for it and it was so fun to have. My friends came up with an idea to get me out of a depressed state. The called the Party Bus Toronto limo company and rented one of their buses. They picked me up in the bus and took me down to the local animal shelter.

I wasn’t in the mood to adopt any cats at that time, so my friends said I should just stay at the shelter and play with some of the animals for a while. They left in the bus and agreed to come back later to take me home. I was hesitant to go near any of the cats because I didn’t want to get too attached to them. No matter how much I held back, my emotions got the better of me, and I started playing with the cats the same way I played with my previous cat.

When my friends came back for me, they found me playing with the cats. They said I looked like a little kid who went to the pet store for the first time. I left with my friends and went back home. I still wasn’t ready to adopt a new cat, but I did get out of my depression. I’m going to keep going back to the shelter in my spare time and play with the cats some more. The cats that don’t get adopted need just as much love and affection as the ones that do.